10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Between Snowpocalypses, Bomb Cyclones, and soooooo many snow days, this winter has been a doozy and it’s only January (send help). If you’ve been stuck inside and have already run through every season of The Crown on Netflix, you may be experiencing a little SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Beat the winter blues with these fun things that will almost make you miss the cold once it’s gone. Here are ways to combat sluggishness so the only blues in your life are in your closet (hello, NYFW 2018 color trend).

Here are 10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues:

Plan a vacation.

Having something to look forward to instantly boosts your mood.


Go ahead and treat yourself to an on-trend vacation staple because hey – a little retail therapy never hurt anyone.


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Get outside.

We get it, it’s cold AF, but fresh air helps regardless of the temp. If it’s sunny out, Vitamin D will help as well.


Plan things you enjoy that are inside.

Read an inspirational book, go to the movies, have dinner with friends, or visit a museum.

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Endorphins = happiness. Hop on your Peloton, do some yoga outside, or hit a HIIT class (or whatever the kids are doing these days).


Do something nice for someone else.

Making others feel good will make you feel good.


Take your vitamins and eat healthy food.

Make sure you are getting your essentials daily ideally through food and by supplementing as needed.


Get some sleep.

Find natural ways to help your body and mind shut down, from meditation to turning off electronics at night to melatonin if needed. Invest in an old-school alarm clock so you can keep the WiFi rays away from your bod.

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Catch up with friends and family.

Talk to those who bring out your happiest self.


Try something new.

Tricking your brain into focusing on something else is a great way to beat the winter blues.


Get your snuggle on with your spouse, kiddos, animals, or all of the above.


Just think, before you know it it’ll be spring and you’ll be rocking that cerulean cover-up in the Caribbean with a cocktail in-hand.

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