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greenpoint williamsburg csaAs a growing family, you’ve probably noticed that your grocery bills are also growing and so is the number of trips you take to the store each week.  But, one thing that can make cooking and eating less monotonous and more interesting is signing up for the CSA. C.S.A. stands for Community-Supported Agriculture which literally means that you buy part of a farm (or farms) crops before they even sprout to support the farmers before they turn their profits for the season. It’s a great way to support your local farms, eat local produce, expand your culinary repertoire and feel more connected to the earth and the food you eat. And, with your fridge full of fresh, seasonal ingredients you’ll be less likely to order Chinese and justify that General Tso’s mixed veggies are OK to feed your kid. (um, not that that has EVER happened)

Greenpoint’s CSA has come a long way since its inception a bunch of years ago. They now offer everything from meat and cheese to pickles and plants in addition to the more standard fruits, veggies and flowers.

When does it run? June through November

How much does it cost? As little as $36 (for the season) for 6 eggs every other week to…if you go totally ape-sh*# nuts and sign up for everything as often as possible, you’ll be shelling out $1,826.12 YIKES! But, trust me, you will NOT do that. Pick and choose what’s most important to you and in quantities that make sense and you’ll probably end up spending around $600 or so and over a 6-month period, that’s only $100 a month. I don’t know about you but, that sounds like A LOT less than I’m spending at the grocery store. Even the crazy, all-in total ends up being $304 a month; which is what I’m averaging about every 10 – 20 days. Maybe it’s not so crazy after all?

How to learn more? Visit the Greenpoint CSA website and click to your heart’s content.


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