Classic Toy: Play Doh Crazy Cuts


If you’re a child of the 80s like I am, then you most likely had a few hundred tubs of Play-Doh in your house while you were growing up. A few Play-Doh toys stand out in my mind as my all time favorites: one is the ice cream shop where you could squeeze out “soft serve” and make cones and everything. I was obsessed. But, another one is the Play Doh Crazy Cuts barber shop set.

I used to love watching their hair grow out in all sorts of crazy colors while I pumped the chair up and the dough out of their cavernous bodies. It was like a play doh chia pet before chia pets were even a thought. So, I got all excited to see that Play Doh Crazy Cuts Plays Set is back on shelves this holiday season. It’s exactly the same premise as the original toy only now it has modernized outfits, feet and facial expressions and you can decorate the chair!

And, for those of you who are freaked out by Play Doh, just know that it has always been and will always be non-toxic. The only thing to worry about is if your kiddo has a gluten allergy or salt sensitivity if ingested. But, just in case you’re still worried, the cool thing is that you can put your homemade dough in here and it will most likely work. You might have to work on the consistency but I think it would work!

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