Eco-Straws That Make Your Drinks Flex


If you have kids, you know how cool straws are. They blow bubbles, they make drinking out of a full cup so much easier and they make even the most boring drink look exciting. If they just weren’t so horribly plastic and toxic, right? I always feel a little bit guilty about using flexi-straws, but they definitely got my toddler to transition from drinking out of a sippy cup to drinking out of a real cup. Maybe you’re in the same boat. If you are, then you need some of these totally rad eco-straws! If you aren’t, but love to mix up photo-worthy tall cocktails and lemonades then you also need some Aardvark straws. They come in tons of pretty patterns and designs that will make any celebration worthy of an Instagram or Pinterest post or two, or three. And know that these will not melt in your mouth like paper straws of yesteryear. These little guys will stay strong all the way through your next iced-tea.

I’m sure you’re wondering what could possibly be so cool about one particular kind of straws so I will tell you. Aardvark Straws makes eco-friendly, flexible paper straws. Yes, my friends. Paper bendy straws! That means that kids can drink with them more easily and they make your root beer float look so much more festive without contributing to landfills.

As the maker of the original paper straw since 1888, our mission is to make sipping, crafting, decorating and entertaining fun for all andgood for the planet. PPG’s Aardvark paper straws are the only paper straws on the market that are made in the USA, 100% FDA food-grade approved, biodegradableand compostable.

These straw packs are perfect stocking stuffers, hostess gifts and party favors. Each pack is only $4.99 for 24 straws. A small price to pay to beautify our drinks without trashing the earth, if you ask me.


They also put together this helpful infographic about straw use, prepare yourself!

aardvark infographic

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