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tea tasting class in NYC

Nothing makes me relax like a cup of tea with a friend. Not that I do it very often. But when I find the time, I really, really love it. Maybe it’s from my times living in England and China, maybe it’s because my mom was a tea lover, maybe it’s just because tea is amazing and is something deeply “steeped” in our history that people have been savoring for thousands of years. Legend has it that tea goes as far back as 2737 BC in China and tea containers have been found in tombs as far back as 206 BC.

Whatever it is, I love tea and all of the ceremony that goes with it. There’s a little bit of mindfulness that goes intro brewing a cup and I like having that built into each day. So I can’t wait to get on my calendar a trip to the tea school at Palais des Thes for a tea class at their US flagship store on Prince Street in SoHo, NY. Whether you choose the $50 Introduction to Tea and Tea Tasting, the $80 Grand Crus Tasting of the Finest Teas in the World, or the $50 Flight of Green or Black Tea Tasting to discover the nuances in each variation, each experience will no doubt be a treat for the mind and the body. You can have a maximum of 4 people per event so choose your crew carefully. I might turn this into a whole day event by booking a massage and a facial somewhere beforehand. This would make an a awesome gift for your mom, sister or best friend, too. It seems especially perfect for the fall, winter and early spring when we need the extra warmth from the inside out. If you go, please let me know what you think of the experience. Or, who knows, maybe I’ll see you there!


tea tasting course in NYC

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A little bit about Palais des Thes: 

Since 1986, Palais des Thés has been committed to bringing you the freshest and most exceptional teas from China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka… and Paris where their Signature flavored teas (“Les Créations”) are created.

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