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Preschool Splurge: Enchanted Slumber Sleeping Bag for Toddlers

Being our first year of doing full-day pre-school, we had some adjusting to do when Back To School came around. First of all, I was told that I need to bring a blanket and sheet to be used during nap time. I had no idea! Once I get an idea in my head, I can’t help but run with it at 100,000 mph so off I went into the internet looking for cool organic cotton sleeping bags for toddlers. Let me tell you, I came up with about NOTHING. Sure, there’s the standard stuff from Pottery Barn, etc. which is cute but feels so much like it’s been done to death and it’s time to move on. I also prefer to buy things that are somewhat environmentally friendly when possible; and those sleeping bags are not. Just you try to do a search for organic cotton sleeping bags for toddlers and see what you get. Well, I couldn’t have been more excited to find an email in my inbox literally the NEXT day telling me all about Enchanted Slumber. The timing could not have been more perfect! Let me tell you about the most wonderful low-impact, high-quality Enchanted Slumber sleeping bag for toddlers whose parents care about details.


These sleeping bags read like this research obsessed mom’s wish list:

  • 100% super soft organic cotton farmed in California
  • Removeable buckwheat and lavender stuffed pillow (I want one for me!)
  • Easy roll-up/velcro design that kids can do themselves
  • Custom name label
  • Beautiful, whimsical patterns and prints that kids love as much as parents
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Individually handcrafted with love in California by artisans who are paid a real living wage
  • Made of the highest quality so that you can use for multiple generations if lovingly cared for

It’s about the size of a crib but the attached pillow case flips out to extend the length of the sleeping bag by about 8 inches, almost the size of a twin bed!

As soon as we got it, my son wanted to get inside. He loved it so much that we were incorporating it into whatever we were playing and making up reasons to use it. Now that it is his school blanket, he sleeps like a rock during nap time and rolls it up all by himself and stows it in his cubby. At the end of the week, we bring it home and wash it for the next week. Everyone at school asks about this beautiful blanket. Where did you get it? How much was it? What is it made of? And I gush all of the details because I think that everyone should have one of these luxurious little numbers.

In fact, you’re probably wondering about some details, too.

You can buy Enchanted Slumber sleeping bags on their website

This heirloom sleeping bag with pillow will cost you $175.00

BUT! The one that they sent me called A is for Alphabet is on sale now for $158! Each letter of the alphabet is shaped out of an image of something that starts with that letter, i.e.  a tree for the letter “T”, and a unicorn for the letter “U”. They really thought of everything with these cute little blankets!

Shop Signature All-In-One

A is for Alphabet organic cotton sleeping bag for toddlers a is for alphabet organic cotton sleeping bag for toddler

Although he hasn’t had a sleepover yet, I know this will be the perfect companion. And, when we finally are brave enough to take him camping, we’ll bring this along then, too. It’s so easy to wash and comes out looking perfect every time. I know that we’ll get great use out of this for kiddo #1 AND kiddo #2 which will hopefully soon be on the way.

This is a seriously awesome gift for a toddler from Grandma or Auntie or someone else special.

For more information about Enchanted Slumber and their other adorable, low-impact, high-quality goodies for the wee ones in our lives visit their website at

enchanted slumber organic cotton sleeping bag for toddlers

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