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Lumenus: Shedding Light for Runners and Bikers

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I met these guys at an outdoor gear media event yesterday and was psyched right away. I can’t lie that I was first attracted to the flashing lights. There was a 90s Cyber Dog vibe that drew me in. “What is that?” I had so many questions. “Can you program it?” “Is it something fun that you animate and play or is it something practical and intuitive?” It turns out that Lumenus is all of those things and then some. Thanks to its California based fashion savvy creative director and inventor,Lumenus is wearable tech for stylish people who find themselves walking, running and cycling on the roads and wanting an extra layer of protection.

They told me that pedestrian fatalities are WAY up. That’s no surprise to me. In the 10 years that I’ve lived in NYC, and as an avid bike commuter/rider/runner at various points in my tenure, I have seen more and more and more and more people hitting the streets on their own to feet or wheels rather than getting in a car or even on a subway. With a new generation of people wanting to live self-propelled lives, there has to be a new generation of safety gear that can stand up to the oncoming traffic. Lumenus is a programmable, smart technology that knows when you’re breaking and flashes. It knows when you’re going through an intersection and can even know when you’re turning, thanks to a Google Maps integration, and shows the proper signals built right into your jacket or backpack to let drivers know you’re there. With MSRPs of around $100 – $150, I think we’ll be seeing a TON of these on the streets very soon. These would make an amazing gift for any runner or biker who finds him or herself side by side with traffic.

As a parent who loves riding her kid around in a wee-ride bike seat, more ways to be safe and visible in the daylight or dark are always on my mind. We’re vulnerable! I have no doubt that this technology will only get smarter and more diverse in its applications as Lumenus expands and explores bike safety and new technologies that make it possible. I hope that they come out with some in kids’ sizes soon, too. That would be AWESOME!

I can totally picture these jackets and backpacks in music videos or futuristic action movies because they look that cool. Check out the Lumenus kickstarter page and help them bring this amazing concept to reality. Anyone who rides a bike, runs or walks on the street should check out and stay up on what’s happening with this brand.

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