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Timberline Jewelry is made in the USA by a Florida based husband and wife team of designers who started out as furniture makers. But, as with most creative types, it’s hard to keep them boxed in to making one thing and one thing alone. So, they got to thinking and

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Because the holiday shopping season is upon us and I couldn’t help but catch the spirit, I put together this holiday giveaway where you can win a total of 11 gifts with a total grand prize value of more than $585! This grand prize has something for just about anyone on your

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  I met these guys at an outdoor gear media event yesterday and was psyched right away. I can’t lie that I was first attracted to the flashing lights. There was a 90s Cyber Dog vibe that drew me in. “What is that?” I had so many questions. “Can you

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made in USA edgy mom style necklace

Swooping in to redeem myself after posting about the Best Of Talbots is a round-up of the best edgy mom style at OAKNYC right now. If you are unfamiliar, let me school you. They are the epicenter of edgy, cool, dark, light, new, now, with a vision of futuristic dance floors on planets with

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