Friday Reads: Babies, Parenting and Dirt

For this week’s Friday Reads I found a little something for us to think about, a little something to make us feel better and a little something to make us feel worse. Really, they’re the only three things that you need to read this weekend. This is especially true if you have or are considering a second “wee one”, are worried that you’re a bad mom, or have always wondered what city parks really have lurking in those tree pits. Trust me when I say that you sort of really don’t, but do, want to know.

Why Second Born Babies Tend to be ‘Much Easier‘ Really? Do you agree or disagree?
I know lots of people with second babies now and I’m dying to hear their thoughts on this article. It claims that baby number 2 is easier because, well, just because you already had one. Hm. I think you might be more relaxed about certain things but getting two kids down the stairs and to the playground and on the same nap schedule when they share a room are real city problems that I’m not sure this author considered. Am I right? Or, am I just terrified to have another baby?

“By the time the second kid arrives, parents are more seasoned. So the experience is easier, and that makes the baby seem easier.” – Yahoo!


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Dear parents – you’re doing a great job and here’s the list that proves it
“Before you roll your eyes, have a read through. If you can tick off five of these things, then you’re doing it right.” –

We all do our best and it turns out that that is pretty freaking awesome. Being a great parent isn’t about being perfect, it’s about rolling with it, losing it and finding it again. I think we can all agree on that.

bedfordandbowery toxic mccarren park dirt friday readsWe Tested NYC Dirt and Tasted (Yes, Tasted) London Smog

Trust me, you want to read this terrifying and amaizng article about the dirt in NYC parks. You might reconsider giving them a bucket and shovel unless you’re at the beach or the burbs. Just saying. “There’s more than twice the amount of lead than is considered ideal for a recreational area in the soil at McCarren Park, at least in the sample we gathered from around the trunk of a large tree near the handball courts on the Union Avenue side.” –




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