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I love Christmas shopping. I love all of the unique little well-designed gifts and ideas that you just don’t see the rest of the year. I also love a good sale. I’m not above a bargain! So, I was super psyched when I got an email from my friends at

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Whether you’re a mom-to-be, the seasoned mom of a pre-k-er, or anywhere in between, Brooklyn BabyFEST 2015 and SchoolFEST 2015 are guaranteed to be fun and informative outings. The events take place on Saturday, November 7th in north Brooklyn. Tickets are $10 for either event if you purchase them online.

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For this week’s Friday Reads I found a little something for us to think about, a little something to make us feel better and a little something to make us feel worse. Really, they’re the only three things that you need to read this weekend. This is especially true if

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Here’s a Father’s Day ish round up of a couple quick Friday reads for you to sift through this weekend. Happy Father’s Day to all you rad papas out there! For Rad NYC Dads: “Go Skateboarding Day” is coming to Williamburg’s newest skate park at 50 Kent this Sunday, just in

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They never tell you this when you’re thinking about having a baby and envisioning all of the cute things you’ll get to do together, but the truth is that babies hate snow. At least mine is very confused by it and wants it off of him as quickly as possible. So, there’s

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