DIY Family Halloween Costume Ideas with Baby

Halloween is creeping up on us all! If you have little ones, you’re most likely so busy with the day to day that coming up with a costume idea is still on your “to do” list. Well, lucky for you, I’ve rounded up some amazing family costume ideas thanks to my friend Happi Olson, multi-generational mother of four and host of The Happi House aaaand VP of Creative Kidstuff. This lady knows a thing or two about getting kids pumped up for holidays.


Expecting Mom Halloween Costumes

GUMBALL MACHINE: red skirt, white tee, pom moms glued to belly as gumballs

FISH BOWL: black dress and leggings, fish appliqué on tummy

DISCO BALL: black top and bottoms, sequins/etc on tummy

PREGNANT CHEERLEADER: dad dresses up like a football player or other jock and mom wears a cheerleading outfit with a maternity tank over her belly


Family Halloween Costume Ideas

LOG LADY AND LOG: from Twin Peaks – the baby is the log

SUSHI: parent dressed as sushi chef, wearing baby in a carrier which is covered to look like sushi

RUSSELL AND CARL FROM THE MOVIE “UP”: the baby is the old man, the parent is the boy scout


SMORES: mom and/or dad as graham crackers, kids as chocolate and marshmallow


I hope this helps you get your DIY Halloween costume game on! Please share pictures with us of your family costume on Halloween, we would love to see what you came up with.


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