Best Of: Nununu at Minou Kids

One of my favorite online kids clothing stores, Minou Kids, just got a bunch of new stuff from NUNUNU and I love it! Nununu is hipster baby gear at its best. It’s fun, it’s not corny, it’s not embarrassing, it’s well made, it’s creative and it’s probably something we would want to wear if we were little. Some of us might even want to wear it now, if only they made it in our sizes! They keep their colors and patterns gender neutral in general, even when they’re cranking out ruffle-y and adorable dresses. Whether you’re buying a gift for a baby shower or for your own toddler or little one, these are too cool to miss. I like to get a few things from Minou every time my kiddo goes up a size because we have to splurge a little. Right? They deserve to have cool baby pictures to whip out when they’re older. There are already enough “mama’s little monkey” onesies in the world. Nununu fills a much needed void. Check out a few of my favorites from the new collection and you’ll understand my infatuation. It’s a riff off of the triangle trend which probably should actually be simple shapes and geometry trend. You’ll see…

hipster little girl dress

Nununu Star Layered Dress $58 18mo – 5yr, 100% cotton, machine washable.

Hipster kid t-shirt

Nununu Numbers Tee Shirt $38, 2-5yr, 100% cotton.

hipster baby playsuit

Nununu Plus Playsuit $48, 100% ultra soft cotton, 0-12mo.

hipster baby blanket

Nununu Star Baby Blanket $64, 105cmx105cm, 100% ultra soft cotton, comes with its own matching drawstring storage bag made of the same starred fabric.

hipster baby bib

Nununu Star Bib $28, 100% cotton, snap closure.


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