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I don’t consider myself a green thumb. That’s my husband’s department. He waters the plants with our son every week and I’m not to blame if they live or die. And he LOVES watering the plants. If you don’t have plants, I suggest you get a few just so that your little munchkin can tip a can at them. It’s pretty much the highlight of my son’s day whenever it happens in our house.

To be fair, I love nature and plants and flowers, too. I’m just not good at taking care of them. I’m busy raising my awesome, considerate and talkative kiddo and that’s enough for me right now.

So, somehow I just mysteriously received the LOGEES catalog and was blown away at the stuff you can grow these days. These aren’t any peace lilies from Home Depot! Read on to see some of the most amazing flowers and plants to hit your fire escape since that ice chunk on the roof finally broke loose last weekend.  Hooray for spring!

Amazing succulent bead plant

Bead Plant $8.95  This is a gorgeous small succulent plant with leaves that look like strings of pearls. Hang this up near a window and forget to water it for a couple of weeks and it’ll still look amazing. My kind of plant!

amazing plants and passion flower

Passion Flower Triloba $16.95 Burgundy petals and purple and white filaments make up each 4″ fragrant flower.  Each flower drips from a thick vine that requires some serious support so this one is only for your trellis, wall garden or other sturdy outside planting zone that can be climbed.

Awesome air plant

Tillandsia Ionatha Ball $14.95 Air plants are just so cool. You do have to drench this one in water twice a week but it doesn’t require a pot, and this one comes in a 4″ ball made up of lots of little plants that make it look like an ornament or pendant lamp from the jungle. Every time it blooms, it gets bigger so there’s no telling how huge it can get if you have a very, very, very green thumb.

Amazing White bat flower

White Bat Flower $24.95 I had to stop and just look at this picture for a while when I first saw it in the catalog. Each flower on this plant is 5″-8″ across and will bloom for months! It keeps well in low light and has those incredible tendrils dripping down from each bloom. Wow.

Want to see more amazing flowers and plants? Check out Metro Mom Club’s Flora & Fauna Pinterest Board.

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