Regifting Done Right: 7 Regifting Survival Tips to the Rescue!

With National Regifting Day coming on December 20th, we think it’s a great time to talk about that fine art of recycling your gifts. There’s no doubt that regifting is a tricky business. But, sometimes we end up receiving gifts that were given with the best intentions and still aren’t exactly something we want to keep. That doesn’t meant that they’re bad gifts by any means! In fact, they’re perfectly awesome gifts…to re-gift! Now, re-gifting is delicate, it’s dangerous, it’s controversial. So we’re here to help you navigate its murky waters and come out on top. Here are our 7 regifting survival tips that will make you a professional and guilt free re-gifter now and forever! Share your own re-gifting strategies in the comments, too. We can all always improve our re-gift game!

7 Re-Gifting Survival Tips

Don’t Offend

The last thing that you want to do when re-gifting, or gifting period, is offend someone. So, never re-gift within the same social community whether that’s family, your friends, your child’s extra-curricular crew. You don’t want to risk the backlash. It isn’t worth it.

It’s a Sticky Situation

Instead, put a sticky note on it and identify a part of a closet where you will stash these gifts for re-gifting. Label each package with: who gave it to whom, what occasion it was given for, and the year it was given (if it is in any way perishable like beauty products or food).

Take out the Trash

If a gift is truly terrible, broken, already opened or used, or you just can’t imagine who you would ever give it to, well, use your best judgement to either drop it at your local donation station or in the garbage can. If you choose to donate, this is a great opportunity to get your kids involved to choose the charity that it will go to. Only donate perfectly new and presentable products.

Shop Your Own Re-Gifts First

Always start your gift shopping in the re-gifting closet to make room for inevitable replacements throughout the year. But, be sure to carefully match the gift to the person. Don’t just give to give. Or, it will simply end up in someone else’s gift closet.

Pay it Forward

If the gift was a prank or inside joke within a particular social circle, feel free to continue to pass the buck. It will get a laugh and can become a tradition. Who will end up with XX this year?!

Come Clean and Pony Up

If you’re nervous about getting caught and persecuted for regifting by either the person who gave it to you or the person who you’re giving it to (or both!)…come clean…and also get them something else that you actually pay for as well.

Make it New

Check for old tags or any markings that indicate it is or could be a regift. Rewrap or package the gift to give it your own holiday flair. No one likes to get a gift bag with someone else’s name on it, so be thorough if you recycle gift bags and wrapping as well!

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