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BAREBONES: Stylish Useful Outdoor Gear

I love the great outdoors. And, with a little guy to inspire, I think there’s nowhere better than nature to help him learn to explore the world internally and externally. But, the thought of packing up and heading into the woods with a toddler can seem daunting. Plus, most outdoor gear is just so ugly. Is that wrong of me to say? I just don’t think that stuff has to look so “outdoorsy”. Why is that even a look? Well, in a recent interview with creative VP for BAREBONES, Ann Merrill she said something that made my heart sing. The words that she lives by are this:

“Don’t make something unless it’s both necessary and useful; but if it’s both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful!”

Thank you, Ann, for making my outdoor supply dreams come true. And as a mother of six I know she gets that everything has to be multi-useful and durable to make it on an outdoor adventure as a family, too.

And, because the folks at BAREBONES are so amazing, they’re offering Metro Mom Club readers 40% off until 12/31/2015!!! Just use the code MMCBB. Just know that the offer does not cover shipping and cannot be combined with any other offer. Also, the last day to order in time for Christmas is 12/15. Yikes! That’s soon! You’d better get to shopping.

Here are the details on their rad little lanterns!

Silver Canyon Lantern: The Barebones Canyon Lantern features a rechargeable Li-Ion battery capable of up to 4 hours of light on its brightest setting, a retractable lens that changes the light from a focused beam to ambient lighting, and for those days where power is just out of reach, the lantern will charge electronics via USB.
BareBones canyon lantern giveaway

Red Forest Lantern: Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries put out 325 lumens of warm light for up to 4 hours. Keep the light setting on low and the Forest Lantern will glow for 80+ hours.

forest lantern giveaway BAREBONES living



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