A Woman on the $20?

women on currency petitionYup, you read that right. We might actually have a chance to answer this question for real. Women might finally get represented on US currency in a real way.

And, you know what I mean by finally putting  a woman on US currency. It’s not like we all tote around Sacagawea or Betsy Ross dollar coins to pay for our coffees every morning. They just never made it into the mainstream. But a woman on the $20? Yeah, we all burn through those. We get them at almost every ATM machine and every cash register has a slot for them. THAT, my friends, is making it to the big time. And it’s about time!

We have our current President to thank for coming out in favor of putting an historically significant American woman on a piece of our money. But, we really have Betty Gatton to thank for starting this petition that asks “Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to commit to featuring a woman from American history on our $20 bill.”

So, who would you want to see looking back at you when you take out cash at the ATM? You can submit suggestions using’s super easy image generator and see what the $20 would look like with your American heroine front and center! But, it’s not just about making fun pictures.

Don’t forget to sign this petition to help get a woman on the real $20, too!

Generate your own $20 with anyone’s image to help spread the word about this campaign.  #WomenonCurrency @Change


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