6 Super Fun End of Summer Toys

Summer is winding down but our kids aren’t. That’s why I decided to round up a bunch of super fun end of summer toys that will help them have as much fun as possible outside, and in, as the cooler weather sets in for good. From rainy days in the living room to sunny days spent entirely outside, these will have young kids squealing with delight until the last warm rays of summer set and the first snow hits the ground. Whether you’re shopping for your own kids or your nieces, nephews or grand kids, these make awesome gifts for transitioning from summer to fall. These are also great additions to your gift closet so that you’re always prepared for special little guests, last-minute birthdays and even the holidays. Enjoy!

STRIDER sport 12

STRIDER 12 Sport
…is a pedal-less balance bike that helps kids develop strong core muscle strength that will have them riding a big kid bike faster than the traditional tricycle. It’s a great way to burn off extra energy well into the cooler months of fall and will be one of the first toys they take to the sidewalks after the snow thaws. The scientists at STRIDER have made this new model even more durable, adjustable and lightweight than ever so that even the smallest adventure seekers can climb on and give it a go.
Age 2+


Lay it or Break it
…is a ridiculous game that is fun for any two players from age 5 to adult, if you dare to dress up like a chicken that is. This game is not for the prudish, however. You attach a magnet to a string that dangles from your back belt loop and squat to pick up eggs and move them to the frying pan. You can make the game more difficult for older folks and simpler for the younger set, so as long as you’re up for a laugh and a challenge, this game is for you. I love that it can easily be played at the park or in your living room, making it a perfect transition toy from summer to fall.
Ages 5 -12 years


Botanist Case
…is a beautiful nature discovery set that will have kids exploring and learning about nature with a magnifying glass, clippers, treasure boxes and a flower press. Kids will love taking a closer look at the changing seasons from summer to fall, winter to spring and spring to summer with this French made adventure case.
Ages 6+

tegu tints 24 piece set

TEGU Tints 24-Piece Set
…is a set of blocks unlike any other. Each block is magnetic which means that they travel and clean up more easily than traditional blocks. The blocks don’t topple as easily, either, so kids can test the magnetic strength and their own creativity with this awesome STEAM toy that has almost endless possibilities. They pack away in a neat box that’s great for throwing into your carry-on or back seat. Kids will love playing with them outside and incorporating nature into their designs but will also have fun stacking them up in the living room on cold and blustery days.
Ages 1+

Sands Alive! Glow Starter Set US InBox

Sands Alive! Glow
is a “mind-glowing” magic sand set like no other. We’re all familiar with the awesome powers of kinetic sand but this goes one step further and glows in the dark! As the days get shorter, toys that play on the early darkness will make the transition more fun. It also comes with a glow pen that lets kids actually draw glowing light onto the sand that they shape. So, they can draw on windows, words, characters or whatever else their imaginations come up with. Because of its kinetic properties, it is easy to clean up, never dries out whether it’s inside or out. It also comes with UV glasses that “charge” the sand in the dark and a tray to play in to minimize mess even more.
Ages 3+


…is a musical memory game that combines the fun of Simon with the skills of music sampler. Turn your kid into a maestro with different challenges based on classical, techno and pop music instrumentation. The fun flashing lights and voice guide players through patterns of color and sound to create tons of different songs. Kids will have fun creating their new rhythms whether they’re inside or outside and whether there’s a heatwave or a nor’easter blowing through. The slick look of the MYSTRO makes it great for whipping out in waiting rooms to make other kids jealous. But, you didn’t hear me say that. But, the kids might never have a chance to play if they have a dad who was once a DJ, or ever dreamed of being a producer.
Ages 6+

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