12 Totally Rad Toddler Backpacks

For a lot of little ones, including mine, daycare starts to become a part of life at 2 years old. Along with the normal concerns about bullying, separation anxiety and potty training, come some pretty fun concerns like needing to buy a backpack. When we were at a recent meet-up for the parents of the kids who will be playing together for the coming school year, the director told us that we’d need to have our child bring a backpack that they can carry themselves. You could hear all of the moms coo at the thought of their little munchkin wearing a teeny tiny backpack. And, yes, I was one of the cooing moms. So I figure this is a perfect time to go on a hunt for the most adorable, trendy and sweet toddler backpacks around. Here’s a list of my favorite 20. You might think that 20 is a lot, but once you start scrolling you’ll see that they are all worthy of a spot in this list. Click on the image to go to the store where you can buy them. Enjoy!

gray toddler backpack

Ty Packpack

Green Mountain Grey Cotton Canvas Mini Backpack

Blue Forest Bag

black and white striped backpack

Monochrome Black and White Cotton Canvas Mini Backpack

southwest toddler bag
Southwest Style Toddler Bag


Wolf Toddler Backpack

Teacher’s Pet Elephant Backpack

plaidTimber Backpack with Faux Leather and Cream Straps


Dog Backpack Les Jolis pas Beaux
$ 50.00

Dark Green Leaf Mini Backpack

hershel toddler backpack
Herschel Supply Co.’Survey Kid’ Scouting Backpack

ochre mini fjallraven toddler

Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack

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