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This next Wonder Mom, Viki Sater, comes from Long Island, NY, and is the heart, brains – and name! – behind Viki’s Granola. In 2009, Viki donated a batch of homemade granola to her daughter’s school event and, after receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, decided to turn her culinary creation into a business. Now, just a few short years later, Viki’s Granola is one of the fastest growing granola brand in the United States. She owes her success to hard work, dedication, the unwavering love and support from her brother and business partner, husband, three daughters and her two Yorkies.

What do you do?

I oversee day to day operations of my business and in my factory. I exhibit at trade shows around the country, and present my product to buyers, as well as research and development for future projects. My ability to balance travel and being a mom is what makes me a perfect candidate for this series.

How did your granola brand business come into being and how did you know it was the one to run with?

I always knew my future included the food industry given that I have always had a passion for food. When I was younger, I believed my destiny was to go to culinary school. However, my love for my children overpowered that and I found a new destiny; my company.

How has having Gabby (20), Ariella (21) & Alexandra (23) transformed your lifestyle?

Like I said before, I believed my destiny was to go to culinary school, however, when I had children my lifestyle drastically changed for the better. My life was consumed with love as well as more food than I ever imagined.

5 words to describe your personal sense of style?

Classic, carefree, ambitious, unique, comfortable

How do you find time to get ready and maintain your style?

I find it easiest to rely on my best support system, my daughters. It is a good thing we all share clothing otherwise I would have an issue with deciding what to wear. Usually, I take elements from their previous outfits to inspire myself, being they are my biggest inspiration.

Where do you get your energy?

I am a very outgoing and constantly on-the-go person, and have been since I was a child. Many cups of coffee don’t hurt either.

What is your spirit animal or dream super power?

My spirit animal is a Mama Bear because she is nurturing, protective, and warm like myself. I will do anything for my 5 children (that includes my 2 dogs) and even my employees- they are my extended family.

Who are your role models?

Strong independent women.

Any words that you live by?

“Don’t sweat the small stuff”

What is your favorite thing to do with your daughters?

My favorite thing to do with my girls is cook and hang out in the kitchen, the reason being that this is the time that we are together the most. We have conversations about nothing and just enjoy each other’s company. We say that our kitchen is our ‘happy place.’

What would you do with more time?

I would travel and take cooking classes. I am very interested in learning the diverse cultures of the world, especially the ones that I have not experienced. Of course I would take my daughters with me.

How do you balance family and work?

My family is just as food obsessed as I am, which helps me share a bond with them. My oldest daughter is a fantastic cook and my two youngest daughters are both majoring in Food Studies. My youngest daughter, Gabby, and her friend Rachel have started a successful food instagram @Tipsyfork where they post the most delicious looking foods. We will be tagging each other in different food videos all day. Being able to share my passion with my family is the best way I balance it all.

What do you do to relax?

To relax I walk my two other children (my Yorkies) twice a day for a mile and a half. Not only is this beneficial to them, which makes me feel good, but it also beneficial to my exercise routine

What time do you get up and go to bed on a typical day?

I usually wake up from my Yorkie, Cosmo, who jumps into bed with me. By that time its 6:30am and I get up to have a cup of coffee and bring both of my dogs outside. My night schedule that I drink a cup of tea and snack on chocolate while watching one of my favorite shows, Shark Tank, or a feel good movie.

What do you typically eat for breakfast?

I have never been a huge breakfast person, which is why the granola company was perfect for me. It was a way for me to have a light breakfast and also provide healthy snacks for my children to take to school. My daily breakfast consists of a cup of greek yogurt with original granola, diced strawberries, and blueberries.

Coffee, tea, wine, tequila, or other?

Given that I drink coffee like other people eat tic tac’s, I think I have to say coffee. However, I will never turn down a good margarita on the rocks with extra salt (and maybe a churro.)

Any advice for new moms, or moms who are struggling to make it all work?

The to-do lists for moms never end, accepting this makes life a lot less stressful. Knowing this allows you to prioritize what is most important and just try your best. Just know that you are not alone.

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About Wonder Moms:

From Sheryl Sandberg to Marissa Mayer, women are not sacrificing themselves for their kids like they used to. Why? If you ask me, a confident and happy woman makes a better mother and role model. And whatever it takes to get her feeling that way should be done. But as a mother myself, I know how hard it is to maintain a sense of style, run a successful business and to feel like an okay parent all at the same time.

Women who are flawlessly manifesting this enchanting trifecta are the new wonder women of our times and they are my idols. So I got to wondering how they actually do it all and have it all. Is it really possible? Are they hiding something? Do they secretly never floss? I hope to answer these questions and to give the rest of us moms motivation to stay true to ourselves, live fulfilling lives and love our families as much as ever through interviews with moms who are already doing it. These are the Wonder Moms.

If you know a woman who fits this mold, please share her info with me on Twitter @metromomclub

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