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Support Crib Safety With DreamCatcher on Indiegogo

Experiencing your little one’s ‘firsts’ are some of life’s most emotional and unforgettable moments like the first time they crawl, walk, or say “Mama”. But, one “first” that is less than thrilling for parents is when their baby stealthily climbs out of their crib and tumbles to the floor. Sure, baby was amazingly focused, determined and strong to accomplish this feat but it leaves parents feeling like nervous wrecks about when it might happen again and without such successful results. Knowing about crib safety is essential when your baby starts acting like a ninja. pNeo is launching a new product that supports crib safety with DreamCatcher on Indiegogo that will protect little ones and ease their parents’ fears. Read on to learn about this amazing product and how you can help bring it to nurseries worldwide!

Here’s the story:

One night, Daniel went to check on his son only to see that he had climbed up and over the railing of his crib. Before he could get to him, his baby had fallen to the floor landing face first.

Fortunately, there weren’t any severe injuries but Daniel recognized the real and unpredictable danger of babies crawling out of their crib.

Motivated by concern for his own family and babies everywhere he created the DreamCatcher. The Dream Catcher is used as a soft landing pad that surrounds your baby’s crib. That way, when your little monkey decides he doesn’t want to wait for you to pick him up and takes matters into his own hands, this can reduce the pain, stress, and severity of the situation.

dreamcatcher crib safety invention

dream catcher

What is DreamCatcher, exactly?

The DreamCatcher has eight separate inflatable sections that can easily conform to the layout of your nursery. Whether you place the crib in the middle of the room or corner it against the wall the mats are adjustable to fit.

Almost 80% of serious injuries for babies are due to a fall, most of which, occur when falling from their crib.

The DreamCatcher reduces the likelihood of severe injuries, and provides that soft, comfortable landing for when your munchkins are feeling courageous.

You can’t always be present when your baby crawls over the side of their crib, but you can make it safe!

The DreamCatcher is one of the only forms of crib climbing safety out there. Let DreamCatcher be a safety net for when you are not in the room and to prevent those scary moments like the one that Daniel experienced.

Support crib safety with DreamCatcher on Indiegogo

pNeo is launching their Indiegogo campaign today! You can help contribute to the finances that they need to bring DreamCatcher to reality.

Check out their IndieGoGo campaign to learn more about the product, its purpose and how you can contribute to crib safety.  And, get your own DreamCatcher while you’re at it!

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