Super Fun Rhyme Time for Preschoolers

I grew up watching PBS. I’m a die hard fan for life. Sesame Street taught me a lot and I loved it so as my kids grow I remember certain skits that I just have to share with them and you, dear readers. So, if your kiddo is starting to get into word sounds and rhyming then I have a treat for you. This classic Sesame Street skit will provide some super fun rhyme time for preschoolers in your life. Just be prepared to watch it again, and again, and again, and again because they (and you!) are going to want to try to memorize it. A great way to extend this activity is to then come up with other kinds of words to find rhymes for or list off words that start with the same sound. Pick a letter each day or week and build up your own list of words that start with that sound and try to say them like the crazy guy in this video. Even better…make your own rhyme videos with the lists that you come up with!

To make it easier, here are the lyrics to the fast parts:

A fat cat sat on a hat, saw a rat on the mat, got a bat, had a chat with a gnat that he’d pat in a vat that was flat, oh yeah! Oh… yeah. Sorry about that


See the small ball on the tall wall, see it fall in a hall, see it crawl, give its all its call, “Hi, y’all!” see it stall, wear a shawl, oh yeah! Oh, yeah


See the red head bein’ fed bread on his sled made of lead as he sped to be wed but he fled instead out ahead up to Ted in his bed and he said…

Happy rhyming with this super fun rhyme time for preschoolers…

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