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2 Summer Adventure Gear Splurges

I like to get a good deal as much as the next gal, but sometimes, I can’t help myself. I have to pay full price and I have to get things that other people might think I was a little crazy to purchase. I’m a sucker for a good design combined with practicality and a guarantee that I’ll use it to death. So, since it’s summertime and we’re all going nuts for everything that we can finally do outside, here are a few serious summer adventure gear splurges that might be crazy expensive but are totally, crazily, awesome too.

The Bay by ORU Kayak

This super stylish 12 foot kayak folds up into an easy carry case that weighs 26 pounds, which is less than some strollers!). It was designed and is made in California by people who take kayaking and exploring new territory seriously. Because you can fold this up and carry it, it’s easier to launch from hidden places that require hiking to get to. And, it fits right in your trunk so you don’t need a roof rack or an SUV to live an adventurous life. It folds down to a 32″ by 28″ by 18″ box with a strap that you can throw over your shoulder and use as a seat or table until you open it up or after your adventure to enjoy the view from the shore before hiking back to reality. But, so much thought, design and practicality comes at a price. Prepare to shell out $1,275

lux adventure gear oru kayak the bay Here’s assembly in action so you can see how simple it really is…

Faraday Porteur S Electric Assistance Bike

If, like me, biking is your main mode of transportation in the summertime, then owning a Faraday could change your life; especially if you’re riding your little one around on a Wee Ride bike seat every day. The Faraday bike is, in their own words, “the ultimate electric propelled utility bicycle.” What does that mean? It means that instead of just having to shift gears when the roads get high, you can turn on an electric boost to help you on your way. Electric assisted bikes are amazing for people who crave an easy pleasure ride, and/or live in places with lots of hills like the town where this one was invented, San Francisco. But, the magic of this bike is really just beginning at the electric power boost. It is hand made in California and Oregon, has built in LED headlight and rear lights, has a 5-gear internal gear hub, disc brakes, and comes with a belt drive like a car instead of the traditional bike chain so it requires no grease and no adjustment. White pants have met their match!

The only downer for city people like me who don’t have anywhere indoors to store the bike is that you have to charge it at an outlet and you can’t remove the battery pack to charge it. A full charge lasts about 15-20 miles if it’s on the whole time. But for such a luxurious, well-crafted, useful and beautiful-to-look-at machine to be delivered fully assembled you have to pay a premium. This bike will run you $2,799 which is cheaper than a car (which I proudly do not own) so I can sort of justify the purchase.

Faraday Porteur S luxe adventure gear


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