The Classic Pinball Machine Counting Song

sesame street pinball counting songAfter you have a baby, you start remembering all sorts of awesome ways that you learned stuff as a kid yourself. One of my favorite songs from watching Sesame Street is the pinball machine counting song. It’s just so amazingly funky and colorful and sung by the amazing and forever fabulous Pointer Sisters. Yup, ya heard that right. The same ladies who made us “jump” in elementary school were also helping us count.

Aside from that, I love the psychedelic animation, the mixed up beats and how each number’s version is a little bit different. I found this version below on the Sesame Street YouTube Channel; which is another one of my favorite places to take a break with my kiddo; along with Super Simple Songs. This is generally the kind of stuff that you don’t have to feel too guilty about putting on while you do dishes, get your little one bundled up to go outside, blow dry your hair or lay on the couch because you have a headache. Besides, it’s fun to take a trip down memory lane, right? And, it’s fun to see NYC in the 70s and 80s now that I live here and can see how much things have changed, or stayed the same. Once I remembered this song, I started remembering loads of skits that I loved on Sesame Street.

What was your favorite Sesame Street skit? 

And, another one of my faves… The Ladybugs’ Picnic.

Check out the whole Sesame Street YouTube Channel here.

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