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Popular Pin: Punk Rock Onesie

punk baby onesiePunks have babies too, you know.  And their babies need onesies! Here’s another all time favorite of mine from metromomclub on Pinterest.

Everyone will love reading all of the ridiculous information on this faux punk show flier snap suit. From the headlining act “Loaded Diaper” and supporting acts “Flakey and the Cradle Caps” and “The Atomic Breast Pumps” to the “playpen” venue, anyone who has ever been to a punk show will appreciate this hilarious addition to their baby’s wardrobe. I love the fist pumping, bottle toting infant sketched on the side and the authentic hand drawn, sharpie marker style. This is the perfect baby shower gift for people who have played in or still play in punk bands, are punk fans at all or just like a good spoof. This punk rock baby onesie by R. Land is too funny. Special thanks to Nerdy with Kids for spreading the word so that I could find it.



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