Popular Pin: Rainbow Rocker

This rainbow rocker has been getting some serious action on Pinterest lately and how can I deny its quality, cuteness and versatility? As a city mom with limited space, I’m always looking for compact toys with tons of play options that can grow with my kiddo. This rocker, although a little on the large side at 31″L X 16″ W X 17″ H, offers a lot of colorful possibilities. I don’t really want my little one to only play with toys that are obviously something i.e. a firetruck or are simple building tools like blocks that require construction to start imagining. This toy goes straight for the imaginary play factor that I think kids tend to miss out on in our heavily character and play set focused toy culture. I can see this being an amazing addition under the Christmas tree or as a showstopper of a birthday present toddlers.

You can buy a handmade version on Etsy for around $110 or you can buy the original European model (pictured) for 139 Euros. I haven’t give them both a try, or either of them to be honest, so I can’t recommend which is better. But they both look well made. I’ve even seen videos online for how to make one of these yourself if you or your partner are handy folks. I love all of the images that show how your kids can play with this simple toy. I can really see mine getting into using his imagination with regular use of something like this.

Buy it on Etsy

Buy it on Dawanda (original)

rainbow rocker collage

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