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Ooh La La! Elevated Laundry Care (g’bye stains!)

I’m not just a sucker for good design and good intentions. I’m also a sucker for things at really work! And when the two come together…I am in heaven. That’s why I’m so stoked to have found The Laundress‘s elevated laundry care for people who care as much about their fabric as they do about what their laundry detergent looks like on the shelf. I wrote about the founder of The Laundress, Lindsey J. Boyd as one of my very first Wonder Moms on Huffington Post. Well, I’ve been a super fan ever since. I’m so much of a fan that I actually buy her products for friends and family for Christmas and birthday presents. I don’t usually give people cleaning supplies as gifts but these are so much more than that.

I have not met a stain that I could not remove with The Laundress’s stain supplies. I’m obsessed because they are all natural & safe for my kids’ skin, yet work better than any chemical cleaner out there. These girls know what’s up with everything from the finest fabrics and wools to the oldest tomato sauce and cuff stains.

Here is my elevated laundry care stain removing arsenal that I swear by!

elevated laundry care stain solution

The Laundress Stain Solution – $14.99 the first line of defense

elevated laundry care bleach alternative

The Laundress Bleach Alternative – $15.00 to mix with the Stain Solution to create an even tougher stain remover


elevated laundry care stain brush

The Laundress Stain Brush – $10.00 for gently rubbing the Stain Solution, with or without added Bleach Alternative, into the stained area

elevated laundry care tough stain bar

The Laundress Stain Bar – $6.00 for the oldest and toughest stains, wet it and gently rub it in

elevated laundry care washing bags

The Laundress Mesh Washing Bag Bundle – $14.98 for putting delicate fabrics through the wash to rinse out the stain treatments without puling or damaging the fabric

TIP #1: I like to leave the stain treatment, whichever combination I choose, for at least an hour before throwing it in the wash.

TIP #2: I use the Stain Solution to clean up spills on the carpet and have gotten out EVERYTHING that my kids have generously splattered from blueberries to coffee to pizza

To be totally honest…I pay someone to clean my house and do my laundry, but accidents and stains happen unexpectedly and I have to be ready to swoop in to save the day. Go ahead and laugh but I feel like a real domestic goddess because of this stuff. Once you know what combo works on what you’ll feel like there’s nothing you can’t accomplish quickly, efficiently and beautifully whether you constantly clean or rescue your household from disaster as-needed. It is SO SATISFYING!!

Explore their website for helpful videos on how to mix and match your perfect combo to accomplish any task for the perfectly clean home. I also love their other cleaning products for the same reasons. They look great on the shelf, smell great, are good for the planet, and get the job done!!

But, enough about me…what’s your go-to cleaning secret?

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