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As a mom who loves dressing her kiddo in stylish and adorable gear, and also as a mom who unfortunately can’t buy everything she wants, I am officially obsessed with the curated online resale shop, thredUp. Seriously, I’ve only been on their site for about 15 minutes and I already know that it is my newest love. thredUP focuses only on lightly-used high-quality clothes and accessories for babies and kids and even maternity, women and plus sized people. I haven’t dug around the adult sections but any place where I can get an adorable unused sweater for my son for $7.99 is a friend of mine. It’s more like Etsy than H&M in that anyone can sell their lightly to unused clothes and accessories there. Yes, even you. Finally a way to get rid of all the stuff they’ve outgrown without having to leave the house and you’ll get a check for it, too. But, they don’t let you sell just anything. You first upload everything you’re hoping to sell and then they go through your “bag” and approve only the best of the best to appear on the site. That’s how they keep the standard of what’s on thredUP high. And I appreciate that. Just look at the adorable stuff that I found in my kid’s sizes below. It was so hard to pick what to put in that collage!

Another cool thing about thredUP is that you don’t just have to set up a shop to sell your stuff. You can fundraise with your thredUP account so you can get your entire school together to sell gently used and outgrown goods to earn money for a field trip, a tech upgrade, or to donate to a charity of your choice. It’s pretty amazing.

I’m definitely going to bring it up to my kiddo’s day care coop. We’re always trying to think of ways to make their classroom time more exciting and how to pay for it. And, I’m pretty sure we all have loads of stuff that our kids don’t want or need anymore that were barely used.

So get to shopping and don’t feel guilty. Your kid deserves photos of him or herself in cute outfits as much as you deserve to save a few bucks. Or, use those few saved bucks to treat yo self. Just saying.

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