Guest Post: Father’s Day Gifts from Kids That Say ‘Let’s Play Together!’

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The typical Father’s Day gift might dress up his shirt or the BBQ… but wouldn’t it be nice to give a gift with a more meaningful message? Try something new this year!


Here are 9 fun Father’s Day gifts ranging from mechanical to musical and everything in between. Not only are these gifts super fun for dad to play with, but they are also activities that he can share with the entire family to create meaningful memories together.

The Perfect Gift 

When you give the Cooper Kit subscription box, Copper & Kid will send the family a big ‘ol box of themed projects, toys, books and ideas that, yes, both dads and kids find cool. To say it’s filled with memories, well, that’s a bit of an understatement.

Each kit has five or more themed-based activities PLUS a cookbook, a bedtime storybook, a character-building conversation, an activity guide, digital resources and a collectible medallion. And, the shipping box upcycles into a project too!

“From creating a catapult to making a DIY missile launcher to using the box itself to make a cardboard airplane, there are plenty of projects to keep you both busy for hours.” –Modern Man


A Gift for Builders

Building with dad is one of the most time-honored traditions. Update your set of wooden blocks with the very colorful, awesomely-magnetized Magformer building sets.

The Forest Friends Set specializes in building animals that kids might spot while camping or exploring in the forest this summer. The set includes a guide on how to build different animals like a squirrel or skunk, but with the power of your child’s imagination, the possibilities are endless.

A Gift for Tinkerers

Do members of your family love to pull things apart, build them, and watch their creations come to life? Build this super cool quadcopter!!!

Assembling this quadcopter is an easy project for the garage, then take it on a test run on your street, backyard, or on the next camping trip.

A Gift for Explorers

Was your dad a boy scout back in the day? Perhaps he wants to share his boy scout rules and experiences with his child this summer! This classic version of the Boy Scouts Handbook is a low-cost way to add a little nostalgia to your Father’s Day.

The book includes information on the organization of scouting, signs and signaling, camping, scouting games, and a description of several scouting honors. Scouts past and present will be fascinated to see how scouting has changed, as well as what has stayed the same over the years.


A Gift for Gamers

Does dad love to play video games? Or perhaps your son or daughter loves online games. Turn that gaming time into quality, educational time together. Use this video game to teach your kids how to code while playing Minecraft. Maybe dad will pick up some coding skills during his turn to play too!


A Gift for Players

Does dad and your little one love to watch & play sports? Combine their love of sports in a family-friendly board game!

NHL Ice Breaker has all the great elements of a classic board game. Each card allows players to make the pass, take the shot, make the save, or deliver the big hit, simulating all the fast-paced intensity of the game of hockey.

A Gift for Musicians

Does dad like to play music? What a great tradition to pass on to your children.

But he doesn’t need to already know how to play an instrument in order to have fun: dad and your little one can share lessons to learn the guitar, violin, or drums. Did someone say family band?


A Gift for Chefs

Wouldn’t it be nice for father and son or daughter to cook a meal together on Father’s Day?

Here’s a cookbook for kids that teaches the ABCs of cooking. With the help of this multimedia cooking program (and dad’s expertise) your little ones will be chopping veggies and boiling noodles in the kitchen in no time.

Skills that will last them a lifetime, and a Father’s Day treat that he will never forget.


Last Minute Gift Idea

Rushing to find something thoughtful from the kids for the father figures in their lives? Download & print this low-cost craftivity for the kids to complete and present to their dad, uncle, or grandfather!


See additional gift ideas by age group.

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