Fall Fashion Trend Report

Fall is coming and that means we get to refresh our wardrobes for the cooler weather. Just because we’re moms doesn’t meant that we can’t be current. I’m not saying you HAVE to splurge on an entire new fall wardrobe. But! You can pick up a few pieces that will help you feel like you’ve still got it, because you do! And, we are SO incredibly lucky to have some fall fashion trends this year that actually fit into a mom’s crazy lifestyle. These pieces will go from work to a play date without much hassle so scoop em up and enjoy feeling fabulous this fall.

First, start up this Spotify playlist from the Ghostly collaboration with Warby Parker. There are some sweet nuggies in here to chill out to as you peruse the fall collections online. Check out the Ghostly collab, too. There are definitely some classics and some new loves, too. Enjoy.

Capes – Everyone from Net-A-Porter to J.Crew to Urban Outfitters to vintage stores on Etsy are all over the cape trend for fall. It seems like this is a natural next step from the cocoon coats that were so popular last year and are still going to be popular in the colder months this year. If you’re a cape fan, this is your time to shine and to scoop up a fabulous collection before they fall out of fashion again.

netaporter cape fall fashion trends

Ghillie’s – Both Top Shop and Nordstrom have a great selection of these strappy ballet shoes that are as comfortable as they are chic.ghillie shoes fall fashion trendsBulky Dress Shirts I love this one from Urban Outfitters, but you can find them at lots of stores right now. My favorite thing about them is that they are supposed to look bulky and cover up all of my actual “bulk” with something that is interesting to look at (unlike my 10 post-pregnancy pounds that I never lost, a.k.a. my muffin top).

bulky blouse fall fashion trend urban outfitters

Other Trends:

Fitted Mini Skirts – The perfect pairing with a bulky blouse, a fitted mini-skirt and some ghillies and you’re looking like you still know what’s going on in the fashion scene even though you’re a mom.

Flowy Midi Skirts – Although these can start to look a little frumpy; they look super stylish if you tuck in your shirt at your waist and wear some heels, even an inch or two will do. You’ll look elegant, hip and can even sit cross-legged for story time. This trend is a stylish mom’s best friend.

Sailor Pants – come in full-length or cropped if your super fashion-y. They also come in higher waists or lower depending on what flatters your figure best. So, cruise around looking at what’s out there. You might just be brave enough to stash your skinnies away for a day or two to rock these bad boys.

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