How Much Do Americans Spend Every Second?

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When I ask my self this question, I sort of don’t want to know the answer. But, I do. I mean, really, how much do Americans spend every second? What do we shell out to eat, drink, shop and fulfill our destinies as tireless consumers? Well, a site called magically created this graphic that tells you exactly how much, by the second. It’s pretty crazy to watch the numbers climb as you sit there. I could sit here all day and analyze this infographic. There are so many hidden nuggets of information.

One thing that I noticed right off the top was that McDonald’s makes less than one dollar per visitor. That’s kind of shocking to me. I don’t even know how that’s possible when the cheapest thing is the dollar menu. Isn’t it?  I haven’t been in a few years so I’m not really sure, but if there are things that are cheaper than $1, eew. Kind of grosses me out to think about what’s in there.

Another fact that popped out at me was that people spend half as much at bars as they do on babies each second. And, people spend more on books than on cosmetics! That’s encouraging, even if I do love a visit to the beauty counter as much as the next girl.

I dare you to take a minute to cruise around this graphic and think about what stats you contribute to and what it means for the world that our kids will inherit.


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