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You apply it umpteen times a day, carry it in your purse, even share it with your kids—but how safe is your lip balm, really? Most women I know hoard lip balm—they’ve got one in the car, one in the kitchen drawer, there’s one rolling around in the car, the

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I don’t consider myself a green thumb. That’s my husband’s department. He waters the plants with our son every week and I’m not to blame if they live or die. And he LOVES watering the plants. If you don’t have plants, I suggest you get a few just so that

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I know that it’s hard to believe with the outside “feels like” temperature of -10 F, but spring is just around the corner. YAY! That means that it’s time to start thinking about some new swim gear. As bittersweet as that feels as a mom who works out, oh, once

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