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Spring Break Survival Guide

It’s already March (how?) which means Spring Break is about to happen all over the country. A Spring Break Survival Guide is essential to success when traveling with babies and toddlers. Travel can test your patience (at best) and have you chugging wine (at worst, or maybe not), so these awesome finds and tips will help make your getaway more of a fun-filled, relaxing vacation than a trip from hell. Not that we know from personal experience or anything.

Here’s our Spring Break Survival Guide. Happy Travels!

Pack efficiently.

As in, 10% for you, 10% for your spouse/partner, 80% toys, tricks, treats that will keep the kids entertained en route be it car, plane, or cruise. Find compact items that will make travel a cinch, like phil&teds® Lobster Clip-On High Chair. Super simple to attach to any table or place you need to set the baby during travel (plus, a bonus that you can avoid the gross restaurant highchairs).


Ages 3 months – 3 years. Available online at in black and red for $89.99.

Travel smart.

Convert your toddler’s car seat into a rolling suitcase (because let’s be honest, those things are heavy and lugging them through airports is a massive PIA) with the Brica SmartMove™ Car Seat Transporter.


Available online at for $79.99. Max total weight 100 lbs.

When traveling by car, invest in backseat organizers, like the Skip Hop STYLE DRIVEN Back Seat Organizer, so the kids can easily access their snacks, drinks, toys, iPads, and books. Ideally, it will help limit the barrage of, “Mom, I need my X”. Fingers crossed. On that note, movies are your friend.


Available online at for $19.99.

Choose somewhere with lots of activities close by.

Yes, this seems like common sense, but having playgrounds, pools, beaches, museums, ski resorts, and activities galore close by will keep them busy and wear them out so they sleep well at night. Because GOALS.


Pick kid-friendly restaurants.

If you want to be able to enjoy dinner (and not alienate other patrons), select places with playgrounds, fish tanks, and other things to keep the littles occupied until they start throwing the food on the floor.

Get some zzz’s.

Hooray for sound machines! The MyBaby by Homedics SoundSpa On-the-Go Sound Machine is tiny and clips on car seats and strollers or can be placed anywhere needed. If you forget to bring it just download a white noise app.


Available online at for $9.99.

If your kiddo has outgrown the pack-n-play (or just likes to launch himself out of it) and isn’t ready to sleep in a big bed, try the Regalo My Cot Portable Child Bed. Super compact and easy to put away.


Available online at for $24.99.

Avoid meltdowns and tantrums.

Don’t forget their favorites lovies, animals, or blankets. Having them scream for Lamby at 2am is not going to make anyone happy.


As always, keep in mind that overtired kids are super cranky. Be cognizant of time changes and plan accordingly.

Adult time.

When possible, take advantage of babysitters, camps, friends, and family and schedule some adult time, at least for a fun dinner out or a few hours relaxing on the beach without your towels covered in sand and applesauce. Giving yourself a break is Spring Break Survival 101.


Most importantly, remember you are on vacation! Have fun, try to go with the flow, and enjoy exploring new places with the family.

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