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Ozobot: Cool Robot Toys for Kids that Teach Coding

We are all inundated with articles and advice about the importance of teaching kids STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)/STEAM (add “art”)/STREAM (add “robotics). As Type A overachieving parents (who, us?), we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to set our kids up for success in school and life from day one (hello, infant flash cards). How do I get my STREAM on, you ask? We have your itty bitty answer: cool robot toys for kids for the win!


The Ozobot Bit is the perfect starter-bot for kids as young as six. Kids begin with the included markers and paper where they learn to control their Bit with simple codes they draw (art!). The possibilities are endless from there as they grasp the concept and use the included 25 activities to grow their coding skillset. There’s also an Ozobot app that provides additional games and brain teasers, so they can program real games, like bowling, in addition to computer games. Plus, they can make their Bit their own with fun stickers to style him as they see fit.


The Starter Pack comes with the Bit, two skins, markers, stickers, code sheets, a charging cable, and over 20 activities. Want to throw a Bot Bash? Bit can have his own dance party and add friends for extra fun. Kids’ little minds will expand exponentially as coding teaches real world problem solving skills, so robot dance parties for the win.


With the increased emphasis on robotics, Bit is the perfect way to teach your kids early coding skills with a pocket-sized friendly robot they’ll want to take everywhere. It will probably be more effective than throwing a Star Wars movie on and hoping R2-D2 works his magic. Just saying.

Ages 6+. $53.99. Available online at

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