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Natural Mama Must Have: Water Wipes

water wipes product review
I was lucky enough to get a sample of Water Wipes a little while back and have to say that they not only work as well as other wipes, they might work better!

My son is potty training. That means that we use lots of wipes when he has an accident or does a #2 in the potty, or in his pants. Hey, it happens. After using the Water Wipes for about a week, I can safely say that these wipes are softer than most wipes and feel more absorbent and thicker than other brands, too. A wipe never tore, not even when I was mid-wipe when the little one decided to clench his cheeks so tight that I had to forcefully yank the wipe out! Yup. You’ve got to love motherhood.

Going in to this experiment I didn’t know much about Water Wipes except their tag line that boasts that they are the “World’s Purest Baby Wipes”. Anything with that kind of talking point is worth a shot, right? Well, here’s what I discovered. I hope that it helps you make the “wipe” choice for you. wah wah.

water wipes the purest baby wipes product review

So, what makes Water Wipes amazing?

  • “WaterWipes are made from just two ingredients; 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is known for its skin conditioning and moisturising benefits. It is also a natural antimicrobial agent. WaterWipes contain 1 part GSE to 1,000 parts water (i.e. 0.1%).”
  • They’re chemical-free
  • They’re super soft and durable
  • They’re super moist and easy to wipe with
  • You only need one or two wipes for most toddler poos
  • They’re safe for use on diaper rash, in fact, they might help prevent it
  • They’re allergy friendly
  • WaterWipes are the only baby wipe to ever be approved by Allergy UK
  • You can get them at Target for $3.99 for 60, $14.99 for 240, $32.99 for 540
  • They come in packs of 60 so you can throw them in your purse or diaper bag
  • They’ve won a handful of awards for their purity
  • You can use them on anything from faces to butts, shirts to surfaces

What are the down sides of using Water Wipes?

  • They are only 20% biodegradable
  • They’re 20% viscose and 80% polyester
  • They are not flushable; but most wipes aren’t even if they claim they are
  • They only come in packs of 60 even if you buy in bulk; which means lots of recycling of the plastic sleeves if these end up being your go-to

They might have been invented in Ireland, but they are sure to be an American staple for moms who pay attention to the chemicals they expose their babies to. These wipes fill a void for the moms who care, but don’t have the time, or don’t want, to do the washing of reusable wipes.

Watch their sweet, Irish commercial to hear it from them directly:


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