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Review: Naturally Waterproof BSensible Baby Crib Sheet

We have been potty training for months. First, we tried doing it all at once a la Oh Crap! and quickly realized that we had to back track. So, we’ve been doing pull ups during naps and at night. Even with pull ups, accidents happen and I was more than psyched to get a sample of the BSensible Baby Crib Sheet to try out during this long and drawn out potty training process.

BSensible Baby uses Tencel technology which is a naturally occurring waterproof and breathable compound to make super soft jersey sheets that repel and wick away moisture to keep your mattress and your babe dry without having to use and wash two separate layers, i.e. a top sheet and a waterproof sheet. As a mom living in Brooklyn who has to walk three blocks down three flights of stairs in the un-plowed snow to do a load of wash, this BSensible Baby Crib Sheet is a Godsend! Seriously.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous at first. The sheet sort of sticks together in the packaging and you have to pull it apart. I thougth, “Oh no, this is going to be weird.” But, it’s not! After one cycle through the washer and drier, the sheet lays out perfectly on the crib mattress and my son sleeps like a rock on it. It’s truly amazing how soft it is. It also doesn’t make weird crinkly sounds like some other waterproof sheets do; which means that your babe can sleep more soundly.

Another pro: the waterproofing covers the entire sheet all the way around to the elastic so even if your kiddo pees over the edge and down the side, your mattress is protected. My separate waterproof sheet doesn’t provide that protection. It just covers the mattress top.

I also love that they come in all sorts of nursery friendly shades of blue, green, white, pink and gray so that you can find one to match your decor. I got gray and blue and love them both.

BSensible Baby Crib Sheets are available on the BSensible website for $40; and if you consider the cost of buying separate waterproof and top crib sheets, plus the extra laundry costs involved in having to wash two sheets instead of one…the value is right on point. I’m so glad that these guys sent me a few samples to test out and am thankful that this European mainstay is now available in the US. I’m sure nurseries across America will happily make the switch to one soft, breathable, waterproof layer as opposed to two awkward and bulky layers to do the same job. Ya heard it here first!

Here it is in action after a long night of “peaceful” toddler sleep. I can’t say for sure, yet, but I think he might actually sleep better on this sheet vs. his Aden & Anais. I have no doubt that I’ll be using these sheets until he switches out of his crib and toddler bed into a bigger twin bed with coordinating twin-sized BSensible waterproof sheet if necessary.

If you’re a co-sleeping family, this could also be huge for night time potty training…BSensible also makes waterproof sheets in full, queen and king!

BSensible Crib Sheet product review


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