Friday Reads: Pay It and Play It Forward

I’ve found a couple little nuggets for you to enjoy when you find a few minutes to yourself this weekend. From teaching your kids math with art to why doing good things for other people makes us feel so crazy awesome to some cocktail recipes that make everything taste and feel like summer; this week’s Friday Reads will make you feel good about helping others, teaching your kids and spoiling yourself.

First is The Science Behind Why Paying It Forward Makes You Feel So Damn Good on Elite Daily Doing good for the sake of doing good is pretty much the fountain of youth, happiness and success. So, why are we supposedly living in an age of self-absorption to a terrifying degree? Is it true that we’re all living more for ourselves than ever and that we can’t see the people in need in front of us. Or, if we do see those in need, do we expect some reward in return for helping them? Read through this article on recent research about altruism and its incredible health benefits. Then think about if you were to go out today and every day and on a whim do something nice for someone who doesn’t expect it. Tell them to pay it forward and help make the world a less depressing place.

My little one seems to have an endless need for information, ideas, and activities. So, to help keep him and your busy toddler busy, too, I found this awesome site called Teaching Two and Three Year Olds which is every bit as spectacular as you think. We’re pretty solid on reading and vocabulary at our house, so I went straight for the Preschool Math Activities section to see what they suggest. Turns out, you teach math by teaching art! YAY! Sorting, measuring, counting, and art are all platforms for teaching math. My favorite is this counting and matching small hearts with the big hearts of the same color that are drawn on a paper. Simple, colorful, fun, and done.

math activities for toddlers


And, last but not least. It’s time for a cocktail mamas. Strawberries are so delicious right now so grab a few pints and make some of this delicious Strawberry Sangria. The idea is from one of my favorite food bloggers Gimme Some Oven but her recipe was actually posted on Better Homes and Gardens. See the recipe here.  All you need is honey, 9 cups of strawberries, white wine, sparkling water, and an orange and voila! You have a new summertime BFF. Put the kids down for a nap, bed or send them to a sleep over and then sit out on the porch, stoop, balcony, rooftop or favorite chair and chilllllll. You deserve it.

Strawberry-Sangria gimme-some-oven

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