Friday Reads: Fall Beauty Round Up

I love it when the seasons change. I mean, sure, it was still almost 100 degrees here on Wednesday but you can tell that the change is coming. It’s getting dark earlier and the light is shifting to a more golden hue. And, that means that I’m thinking about a wardrobe change and the beauty products that go with it. To help get you in the mood for imagining your fall fashion statement, here are a few fall beauty inspired Friday reads.

september beauty deals racked

September is the Best Month for Big Beauty Deals

In case you needed a reason to go buy yourself a bunch of new make up and beauty products, my friend Kathryn Drury Wagner and contributor compiled a lot of great reasons to splurge in September. In fact, it looks like September is actually the most cost effective month to indulge in a little self-soothing beauty shopping. So, go for it mamas. We deserve it.

And, don’t miss out on the biggest fall beauty trend, dark lips! Dark lipstick, much like the reds and pinks and purples of the past year or two are a perfect way to make you feel put together without having to iron or do much of anything else.


New Yorker Magazine published a selection of Cecil Beaton’s photographs in honor of the new book Beaton: Photographs (out next week) that is compendium of his stunning portrait photographs that span from the 1930s to the 1980s and feature everyone from his two sisters to Greta Garbo, Mick Jagger, Salvador Dali, and Gertrude Stein to name a few. Each photograph embodies a persona that is uniquely owned by the subject. I always aim to collect fashion and create a style that captures the moment but is also uniquely mine. These photographs are an inspiration for anyone with that mission. Read the article: Cecil Beaton’s Decades of Protraiture

Beaton Photographs - PB.

Beaton Photographs – PB.

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