A Dreamy Gift with a Scientific Twist

Finding a gift for your guy that is equal parts romance and testosterone can be hard to find. But, I recently stumbled upon something that isn’t only perfect for Valentine’s Day and birthdays, but also literally nails it as an uncommon groomsman gift or Father’s Day gift, too. ARCA makes beautiful, handcrafted and hand embellished ties and bow ties right here in Brooklyn, NY. One tie in particular has me seeing stars: The Galileo. Ha.

constellation tie


The Galileo Tie features a delicately studded night sky (on black or blue) and the zodiac constellation of your choice connected with silver silk thread.

They are gorgeously and carefully made in the USA by Christina DiFabio, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design who has over a decade of fashion design experience in NYC from shoes to swimsuits to evening gowns. She began exploring tie design as a gift for her now husband. Needless to say, he loved her creations and soon everyone was asking her to make more.

The idea for constellations came later when Christina was doing something she loves doing in the summer; looking at the night sky. She saw the stars and realized that they looked sort of like the studs she’d been using on her handmade ties. She went home, tested her theory and loved the outcome. So she put them the ARCA website and they’ve quickly become the most popular product available at ARCA. I asked Christina why she thinks they get so much action. She said that people like the ability to customize the tie with a zodiac sign and that it’s fun to see what the constellation actually looks like in the sky. It’s a fun combination of geek, wearable art and dreamscape.

I can totally see these selling at Uncommon Goods or Goods of Record soon. Snatch yours up before they get huge! Also, FYI, because these are ties hand made in Brooklyn, they take about a week to ship after the order is placed.

zodiac tie

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