2 Products Every City Family Needs

I’m not one for collecting junk. Ok, maybe I am a pack rat on the verge of becoming a hoarder. But it’s all necessary! Still, when I find something great, I have to spread the word. These two gems are worth their drawer space in gold.

green sprouts cap adapter

Green Sprouts Bottle Cap Adapter

Turn any water bottle that you can buy at a convenience store into a bottle. This is great for those days when you stay out longer than expected and have run out of stuff to hydrate your kiddo, or are traveling and don’t want to have to pack bulky bottles or sippy cups. $2.25 each.


If you’re venturing out into the city, or amusement park, with a child you can move of their own volition and you refuse to use a harness, then you need these. They’re non-toxic temporary tattoos with your contact information on them so that if GOD FORBID your munchkin disappears and someone finds him/her, they can contact you to retrieve your precious cargo. Of course, hand holding is the first line of defense, but sometimes those kids can be slippery little weasels. Especially once they get on a scooter or bike!

Personalize your tattos with 2 lines of information up to 25 characters total per line. For medical use, you get 3 lines.  It takes about 24 -48 hours to process after they receive your details.  Starting at $12.95 for 15 temporary tattoos plus $2 shipping.


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