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e-cloth’s Luxury Hooded Towel: The Best Towel for Toddlers?

When it’s time for bath time, there is always that one part that every parent dreads; drying off. Why? Because your munchkin is cold, really cold, and doesn’t comprehend the sudden temperature change. So, they cry. And  sometimes they cry  A LOT. You can try to quickly dry them off with a towel, but it can get pretty stressful. The Luxury Hooded Towel by Baby Care e-cloth is the new best towel for toddlers and your new best friend!

The Best Towel for Toddlers

The Luxury Hooded Towel by Baby Care by e-cloth is key in these stressful situations. I have to disclose that the towel was sent to me to review but let me tell you, honestly, this is super soft and cozy and has made ending bath time a lot more fun for all of us. Why? The microfibers instantly soak up the water and make the transition from a warm bath-to cool air, easy and cozy. Little bodies have a hard time regulating their temperature, so getting out of the bath can be a particularly traumatic experience for little ones.

Well, this towel draws in moisture four times faster than a normal cotton towel, and can hold four times more water. Right off the bat, the towel is doing most of the work and is providing warmth and comfort for your little one. That means less tears, less stress, and shorter dry time.

The towel is big enough to easy wrap entirely around your growing kiddo and it has an adorable hood attached. The hood is actually a great bonus because it prevents the towel from falling off while you dry which helps keep him or her warm. The towel here in this picture is the 29.5″ X 29.5″ and is shown on a 3.5 year old of slightly taller than average proportions.


Advanced Technology & Environmentally Friendly

The Luxury Hooded Towel is made with over 3 million microfibers per square inch trapping water, dirt, oil, and bacteria. It doesn’t kill the bacteria, but rather stores it, preventing it from resurfacing. Once the towel has been used a couple of times just throw it in the washer with the rest of your laundry and use it again and again. Just avoid using bleach or fabric softener or the drier on high temperatures.

The e-cloth comes with a “300 wash guarantee”, making this product environmentally friendly. According to the company’s guarantee, that means it should last you about six years! That’s from age 2 to 8. What other towel promises to last so long? I can tell you that we have never owned towels for 8 years. They just wear out. But we’re looking forward to keeping this one around!


How to get this Product

Click here to get your kid(s) an e-cloth towel. You won’t regret it. Prices for the bath towel range from $39.99 – $49.99 and it comes in different colors and sizes for all types of little ones. Enjoy happier bath times!


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