Rad Mom Gift: Styling Session


Mother’s Day shouldn’t be a time for collecting more useless junk. It’s a time to show us mamas how beautiful, amazing and irreplaceable we are and always will be. So, hook her up with a rad mom gift, like a session with a professional stylist, that makes her feel that way!

Now, it’s hard figuring out how to work with our new post-baby figures. Even if mom got back to pre-baby weight (lucky her!) her body is likely shaped a smidge differently and her old clothes just don’t fit the way they used to. Veteran stylist Gaby Ron created Motherlode Styling because her own body changed during pregnancy and she recognized a need to re-design her own wardrobe to stay fabulous. Gaby will help reboot mom’s wardrobe to make her feel as fashionable as she did pre-pregnancy and can even take her shopping for new pieces to fill in the gaps. Who doesn’t like the gift of going shopping?! Prices start at $250 per session. She can email a voucher for you to enclose in a card, or you can book an appointment in advance. Just make sure that you give her something tangible on Mother’s Day, too, whether it’s a bouquet or breakfast, give her sense of self a boost with something pretty. Oh, and don’t forget to do the dishes!

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