Kid Friendly Happy Hour!

kid friendly happy hour at trans-pecos
Just when you thought you’d have to miss early evening drinks al fresco in public just because you have kids…

If you live anywhere near Ridgewood, Queens you’re in for a summertime treat! To kick off the, finally, warm weather season Trans-Pecos Experimental Art Venue is hosting a kid friendly happy hour on Friday afternoons from May 22nd through June 26th from 4pm – 7pm. Their ginormous backyard is the perfect place for kids to scoot, screech or sketch their little hearts out while you enjoy a cold one without anyone passing judgement. The space is “an all ages music venue for new music” but also is a neighborhood bar and art gallery. It’s housed in the old Silent Barn space, if you’ve been around this town a while and know what that means. They left a lot of the graffiti and art inside so that we can all remember when Williamsburg and its surrounding areas were edgy. But, actually, most of the space is clean and pretty. It feels well laid out, well built, cozy and real. It’s a place I can’t wait to take my munchkin back to!

To make it even more enticing, the prices are oh so right:

– $2 cans of Narragansett
– $4 drinks
– Cheap bar in general
– Free kid drinks
– Non-alcoholic grown-up drinks, too
– Free kid snacks
– $1 slices pizza

Everybody’s welcome so bring your friends!

9-15 Wyckoff Ave, Ridgewood, New York 11385
Take the L to Halsey OR the M to Myrtle-Wycoff
See the map

Check out the Trans-Pecos Kid-Friendly Happy Hour Facebook Event Page for more details.

See you there!

*Correction: I posted that this is the old Silent Barn place but I’m not actually sure that that’s true. My blurry bike rides, before I was married and before babies were even a thought, to the original Silent Barn didn’t imprint a clear sense of direction so I was going off of an article that I read. It seems like the same spot but if you can confirm this as true or false, please comment below!

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  1. June 26, 2015 at 3:31 PM — Reply

    Heading there this evening!

  2. June 5, 2015 at 9:16 AM — Reply

    Your source is right, 9-15 Wyckoff Ave is the original NYC location of the Silent Barn. It looks pretty different though! Thanks for the props!

    • June 5, 2015 at 9:18 AM — Reply

      Awesome! Thanks for clarifying!

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