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One of my favorite online kids clothing stores, Minou Kids, just got a bunch of new stuff from NUNUNU and I love it! Nununu is hipster baby gear at its best. It’s fun, it’s not corny, it’s not embarrassing, it’s well made, it’s creative and it’s probably something we would want to

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Every so often something catches my eye. And then it catches my eye again, and again, until I can’t deny that a trend is taking shape. Over the last few weeks I’ve seen no less than a dozen people around Williamsburg and Greenpoint rocking old school Timberland boots. Yup, the

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I got a new catalog today! That’s quite a feat for someone like me who is on just about every mailing list in the free world. It’s an occupational hazard. But, I am loving Bas Bleu! I’m so glad that it surprised me with all of its “inspired gifts for

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