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With a Bachelor of Science in Advertising from the University of Texas and an MBA from Georgetown University and a work history at Microsoft for 8 years, this Wonder Mom is one smart cookie. But it’s not just her education that and her beautiful family that makes her stand out. 

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This Wonder Mom is energetic and driven. After finding success in marketing and public relations spanning across corporate and music industries, Shay and her husband, Nate, started a business together. While she was 7 months pregnant with her second child, Shay and Nate decided to create  Anne + Camp, a provisions

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This next Wonder Mom, Viki Sater, comes from Long Island, NY, and is the heart, brains – and name! – behind Viki’s Granola. In 2009, Viki donated a batch of homemade granola to her daughter’s school event and, after receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, decided to turn her culinary creation into

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Welcome back! Manners Monday is helping young kids, and their parents, be more polite. This week might, hopefully, be for the younger side of spectrum but it has been coming up a lot in my world lately so I feel compelled to address it. We’re talking about snatching things out

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I sort of can’t believe that I’m writing this post because “5 Little Monkeys” was my absolute favorite song as a kid and I took it to heart in the most wrong way. I LOVED jumping on the bed. And, to this day, I sort of don’t think there’s anything

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